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Global Iranian Studies Review (GlobIS Review) is an online bilingual (English and Persian) journal devoted to discussing recent social science work on Iran, written by a wide range of scholars working around the world. The journal contains substantial essays, reviews on academic and popular books, commentary and opinion pieces, interviews with academics, and reports on documentaries and cultural initiatives.

The review section of Social Science in Iran provides a forum for serious, informed discussion of new scholarly writings and documents produced in Iran/in Persian. Iranian Studies in the World opens a platform for critical review of recent Iranian studies publications in other languages.

GlobIS Review is published three times a year (in the fall, winter, and spring), and each issue focuses on a specific area of research that has a broad appeal and fits within the journal’s objective and purview. The special topics cover a wide range of subjects and fields of research in social sciences disciplines and sub-disciplines.

GlobIS Review calls scholars to bring their recently published works in and out of the country to the attention of other scholars, highlighting crucial research themes, questions, methodologies, and gaps in the field of Iranian studies. Iranian studies academic diaspora, a large community of its own, and social science scholars in Iran are invited to work with the journal as consulting editors and reviewers and thus enrich this timely dialogue.

  • Editor-in-Chief: Azam Khatam, York University, Toronto
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Behrang Sadighi, Independent Researcher
  • Farshid Moqadam Salimi, Independent Researcher
  • Habib A. Moghimi, University of Sydney
  • Hamidreza Yousefi, Independent Researcher
  • Samar Saremi, PhD candidate in anthropology, Université de Montréal
  • Afshin Matin-Asgary, California State University, Los Angels
  • Kaveh Ehsani, DePaul University, Chicago
  • Kevan Hariss, California State University, Los Angels
  • Mona Tajali, Agnes Scott College
  • Norma Clair Moruzzi, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Pamela Karimi, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Peyman Jafari, The College of William & Mary
  • Zara Saidzadeh, Örebro University
  • Ali Mirsepassi, New York University
  • Arang Keshavarzian, New York University
  • Asef Bayat, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Azadeh Kian, Université Paris Cité
  • Ebrahim Towfigh, Independent Researcher
  • Homa Hoodfar, Concordia University
  • Kingshuk Chatterjee, Calcutta University
  • Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi, University of Toronto
  • Nayereh Tohidi, California State University, Northridge
  • Shirin Ahmadnia, Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran

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