Globis Review, Volume 1, Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1  October, 2023  Revolution & Counter-Revolution


GlobIS Review

Volume 1, Issue 1 

October, 2023 

Revolution & Counter-Revolution


Editorial Note

The 1979 Iranian revolution has received much academic attention worldwide, resulting in significant publications in the social sciences both within and outside of Iran. We have devoted the inaugural edition of the GlobIS Review to an in-depth discussion of the 1979 revolution, as recent uprisings have sparked new public interest in the concept of revolution in Iran….



Rereading the 1979 Revolution over Time

Azam Khatam

The 1979 revolution has been the main focus of research on Iran at Iranian studies academies across the world and is one of the key topics of the political science publications in Iran. The Islamic revolution was entirely unexpected because, in the late 1970s, Iran had a strong economy…

Social Science in Iran

افق انقلاب

A Passionate Return to the Islamic Revolution

Return to the Horizon of the Revolution: A Discursive Study of Contemporary Social and Political Evolutions، by Mohammad Javad Gholamreza Kashi

Behrang Sadighi

The title of the book Return to the Horizon of the Revolution is based on a transliteration of a one-day workshop in Iran held by the author in 2015. The book comprises five chapters: Society and Language, Different Levels of Language-Politics Connections…


Hell in the Cinema

Hell Cinema: Six Reports on Human Incineration at Cinema Rex, by Karim Nikunazar

Hamidreza Yousefi

More than four decades have passed since the Cinema Rex tragedy in Abadan, on August 19, 1978, brought the Pahlavi regime closer to the brink of downfall. Yet many questions remain unanswered. Cinema Hell: Six Reports on Human Incineration at Cinema Rex by Karim Nikunazar, recently published…

Iranian Studies in the World

فوکو در ایران

The Loss of a Faraway Dream (Farsi)

Foucault in Iran: Islamic Revolution after the Enlightenment, by Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi

Fatemeh Sadeghi


Iran’s Quiet Revolution (Farsi)

Iran’s Quiet Revolution: The Downfall of the Pahlavi State, by Ali Mirsepassi

Peyman Jafari

روزهای انقلاب

Revolution in the Village (Farsi)

Days of Revolution: Political Unrest in an Iranian Village, by Mary Elaine Hegland

Navid Fozi


Ghosts of Revolution (Farsi)

Ghosts of Revolution: Rekindled Memories of Imprisonment in Iran, by Shahla Talebi

Naghmeh Sohrabi

Middle East & World


Revolution without Revolutionaries (Farsi)

Revolution without Revolutionaries: Making Sense of the Arab Spring, by Asef Bayat

Gianni Del Panta


A Discussion on Arab Uprising, 2011 (Farsi)

The Age of Counter-Revolution by Jamie Allinson, After the Arab Uprisings by Shamiran Mako & Valentine Moghadam

Shamiran Mako, Valentine Moghadam, & Jamie Allinson


Anatomies of Revolution (Farsi)

Anatomies of Revolution, by George Lawson

Sidney Tarrow

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